Lizz Brain
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Author: Lizz Brain


Dating with disabilities in a new comedy on tour Every so often comes a play which just keeps popping back into your thinking space. Not because...

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Engaging with Picard!

As a new series of Picard launches, I head back 15 years to Patrick Stewart in a Shakespearean tragedy. Resistance is futile. "Being a good captain of...

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Out with a Duckie

Spark Festival Delights Two very different children’s shows but with a narrative connection about being yourself, knowing yourself and being true to yourself. Strange to think that...

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Always remember…

So while trawling through 25 years' worth of reviews and interviews (one interview every week, you do the maths!), there were some pieces of work...

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Palace of Varieties

Where working men's club meets Westminster and politics meet parody. “Society shouldn’t be a marketplace for buying and selling people like commodities, it should...

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