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Author: Lizz Brain

Matthew Rhys

The American - when he was still Welsh SO just who is Matthew Rhys? He hit the spotlight being seduced by Kathleen Turner eight times a...

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Back in business

It's admittedly been a while. My love for all things live theatre hasn't dwindled, although the opportunities have been more scarce in recent times due to...

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Pride & Prejudice, Curve Theatre Leicester - Lizz Brain

Pride and Prejudice

Five years ago Matthew Kelly made his Curve debut as the cantankerous patriarch in a dark play about family secrets. Now he’s preparing to return...

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Grease, Curve Theatre, Leicester - Lizz Brain


Let's cut to the chase: amid a season of pantomime and festive shows, can the original stage version of a blockbuster cult musical film be...

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Elaine Paige, Curve Theatre Leicester - Lizz Brain

Elaine Paige

Elaine Paige has spent more than half a century being hailed the first lady of musical theatre. But her latest tour is something of a...

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Mamma Mia at Birmingham Hippodrome - Lizz Brain

Mamma Mia!

Off-stage, Sara Poyzer shows no signs of saying "mamma mia, here we go again". And that's somewhat surprising given that she's played the lead role...

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